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Designing profession website on demand for sale and promotion brand easily

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Desining cheap website can make you lose a lot things.

Time and cost… But can it be effective??

So why don’t you invest properly in the first place?

Designing website on demand, make business special

Website is a business representative on the Internet, where you can sell products 24 hours, customers will recognize and remember you. It is undeniable that aesthetics and content will be the key to deciding how long a person will visit your website. A website with a unique and sophisticated design will significantly affect the look and belief of customers for your brand, making a difference with other competitors. Why do you have to be careful when investing a very small fee to build a professional website and promote your business? A business with a standard website is an affirmation of the quality of the product / service they provide.

Designing website on demand with whole features

Amba has an overview of new technology for developing a standard website of google to improve the ability of users to access your website, keep them buying your product by designing web according to your love. Eye-catching bridges attract others to stay on your site.

Amba was born with the mission of “Making a better life through the Internet” – AMBA constantly strives to cultivate knowledge, experience, to develop and contribute to Vietnam’s e-commerce. We not only bring you a full-featured website but also your   luxurious, sophisticated style   bring to a website that has   ”the quality “   own, offer solutions to bring your website closer to customers.

Like ads on fanpage, optimizing page loading speed, Seo website, running keyword ads, running google banner ads, Email marketing brings effective media advertising.

The outstanding interface of the website at Amba’s request

What is a standard website?

Sales are easier than ever

With on-demand web design , customers want websites Its has a sales function.

You only need to post information, images and product numbers. The tools will automatically help you calculate the number of sold goods and inventory.

All notifications will be sent to you when there is a transaction or the number of available items is running out.

Non-stop sales with online payment will meet the shopping needs of customers anytime and anywhere.

On-demand web design you will also keep close customers

When there is a function for member registration to get accumulated points as well as notify promotions via email automatically.

Web design process on demand

Analysis of business website status

We will conduct research, analyze the business area of ​​the customer and the ability to apply the website.

For business to make the most appropriate design solution for customers, follow the idea of ​​ on-demand web design .

Get information from customers

The counselor will collect all customer information, providing a way to consolidate the customer with the final idea for the consultant.

Submit all requests to the design department in accordance with the customer idea.

Design layout interface

When on-demand web design & nbsp; thoroughly The technique will be based on the unified requirements of the sales staff.

The design team completes the synchronized website layout pages, consistent with the selected layout and consistent with the company’s brand identity system.

Send back to the customer a demo of the layout of your website layout
Why when the designer room sends the demo table back to the consultant.

A sketch board will be sent to the customer for final approval for the programming technician. If the customer agrees, the program will proceed.

If the customer does not agree with the demo, the score is not satisfactory. Let the two parties agree on the idea again and again, and fix it twice. & Nbsp;

Complete interface on mobile devices, tablets - Responsive design

This is an important step in the website design process, because any website now needs to be tailored to the device. Aim to optimize the user experience on different display screens.

Run the test

From the website interface design, Amba will simulate the actual operation of the website on different devices like a complete website.

Programming module functions on the website
Next step, Amba will program the module functions on the website in accordance with the criteria and requirements of the customer.
Test functions on the system

After programming, we will conduct a test run of the website on the server system to ensure the functions are done accurately and smoothly.

In accordance with the desired needs of customers for each type of business website.

Enter content and run the test from a user perspective

At this step, we will proceed to update the necessary content on the website including customer service / product up to 9 products.

If the customer wants Amba to import more products / services, the price is 9,000 VND (nine thousand dong) for a product / service that Amba executes.

Upload the website to the server
Amba proceeds to upload website data to the client’s server. In case customers design new website, there is no storage system and domain name.
Amba will assist customers to choose the package that is suitable for their current needs to ensure the page load speed of the website.
Administrator guide and handover

Next, we will send a consultant to the customer to indicate to the customer how to use the website, and also provide a detailed website administration guide for the customer and proceed to hand over the website. perfect design.

Website development consulting and strategy for businesses

Finally, we will advise on the strategy and content development plan on the website.

Help customers maximize efficiency from the website and deploy some channels other ads so that the name of the business is spread the fastest.

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