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  • Responsible for the information provided by Party A.
  • Use the service in accordance with the regulations listed in the appendix of the contract.
  • Backup and secure data after handover.
  • When a change in request or suspension of service, Party A must make a written request to Party B at least 5 working days in advance
  • Pay the full and timely service fees mentioned in Article 2 of this contract.
  • Pay the part of the cost (if any) under the required change agreement when incurred.


  • Provide full service and product information after completion and handover.
  • Support Party A technically throughout space to provide services under the Contract in the following forms: direct counseling by phone, email …
  • Warranty and maintenance 01 year after signing the website acceptance report.



  • If either party violates the terms of the contract, the other party has the right to suspend or cancel this contract. In case Party A breaches the contract, Party B will not refund the paid expenses, in case Party B breaches the contract, Party B shall be responsible for returning the money to Party A.
  • If Party A fails to properly and adequately fulfill its payment obligations, Party B has the right to stop providing services. The service will continue after Party A fully fulfills its payment obligation to Party B. Party A shall compensate for the damage suffered by Party B due to Party A’s late payment. li>


  • This contract will self-destruct after the expiration of the contract without the requirement of arising.
  • If there is a need, both parties will agree and sign new contracts after liquidating this contract.
huy bo hop dong


  • The two parties comply with their obligations under the terms of the Contract. When a disagreement arises, the two parties agree to work together in the spirit of cooperation and help and must have additional minutes of the Contract.
  • If there is a dispute, it will bring to the Economic Court, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court. Ho Chi Minh to solve. The decision of the Court is a mandatory condition for the two parties to implement. All costs of disputing disputes will be borne by the losing party.
  • This contract is made in two (02) copies of equal value, each party keeps one (01) copy as a basis for implementation.
  • The contract will self-liquidate when the validity period of the contract expires.