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Your website was initially weak when it was originally established. It is like a newly born child. The first thing is that you need to have someone take care of it for milk, food etc. The website also, you need to have a number of people to visit your website regularly. Maybe you have asked this question in the beginning, which ad would you choose? Therefore you should use the service of google adwords ads to be a springboard for promoting your website. So what do you know about google adwords?

Over the years, Amba has always been proud of the professional web design and marketing online company. We have accumulated a lot of online marketing experience. We launched the service google adwords ads for customers who need it.

So what is google adwords ads ?

Google adwords ads is a form of direct pay advertising to google through the keywords you specify. It links directly between your website and Google . You know, all your data must go directly to google first. When you run googler ads adwords you have the ability to customize your keywords and budget in a way proactive. This makes customer orientation extremely effective.

Statistics in Vietnam more than 90% of Internet users use Google for information search needs before purchasing.

How to advertise Google Adwords:

Most buyers before buying a product have a habit of checking Google first. When the search results appear in the top positions Top. Then customers have a habit of clicking on it first to save time to learn more about other websites.
So if you run   google ads   will be on Top looking for increased sales opportunities.

1) Form of running adword ads

Depending on which requirements the customer wants in the top google search for 1 – 4 or top 1 position 7.   In the form of ads on google includes:

  • Advertise keywords on search engines.
  • Keyword ads on websites: You only need to provide keywords that you need to display on Top. Include accented keywords and unsigned keywords are two different keywords.
  • Google Shopping Ads.
  • Banner ads on news websites, online newspapers, youtube: This type of advertising is often used to promote the brand very well. It shows the customer who has entered the Website the content of the message you want to convey again.

2) Display message

We will optimize the sample ads to determine the right people who are interested and need to use the service / product / message.

  • Show certain time periods: We will test some campaigns beforehand to see which time frame a user is most interested in. From there we will set up the correct time frame to minimize costs.
  • Display according to the selected keywords: Customers provide the agreed keywords with Amba. Amba will run displaying the correct keywords that the customer has chosen.
  • Display by region, country, or the world.
  • Display in accordance with the budget, the strategy set.
  • Search ads allow to appear at the right time for customers.

Google Adwords advertising service process

Don’t forget to set goals for the benefit of customers and easily understand the Google Adwords advertising service and understand our workflow.
Below is the rule the Gozole advertising service service that we provide:

  • After receiving information from customers, we will proceed with the request for appropriate analysis, surveys and campaign quotations.
  • Campaign meetings and advice.
  • Sign service contracts Google Adwords ads.
  • Ad setup: Setting up your campaign is the most important, affecting the effectiveness of your campaign.   Amba   is proud to have a lot of experience and understanding   Google Adwords advertising service. C We give you a strategy that fits your product / service.
  • Ad monitoring: Regularly check the progress of Ads, check keyword quality to be most beneficial to customers.
  • Make and report periodic results on a weekly Saturday as agreed by the project.
  • Report details to you periodically or at any time when you request. Report results will help you get useful information such as:
    – Ad impressions.
    – Visitor clicks and actions during website visits (convergence tracking).  
    – The report also details the details of your customers such as: country, city.
    – Access the time of day, what’s on The most popular website and many other useful information.

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