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Using landingpage design (landing page) is a new trend that is currently being favored by the new website design . Because it plays a role promoting a   something products or company introduction. When other people click on a search engine, making this landingpage design is easier to optimize than a website with many pages. Landinpage design is a single page, it will be more refined in terms of design, aesthetics, equally luxurious. A professional landing page plays a very important role in brand coverage, but it also helps businesses increase revenue.

Why should I design LANDING PAGE?

  • According to statistics, the tendency of users to buy products on websites has a nice interface and is easy to use. You are the same, right.
  • Landing page is the most effective way to announce the value of products and services that the company delivers to customers.
  • 78% of B2B businesses use Landing page to attract customers.
  • It makes it easy to create separate campaigns.
  • Affirm the size of the business.

Benefits of designing LANDING PAGE

  • Launch new products, services, promotional ads to entice customers to your website.
  • Landing page   creates an opportunity to understand customers better because designed landing page usually reviews something in particular in great detail. If it is a landing page page that sells cosmetics. Amba is certain that it will display as clearly as the ingredients, tools, usage, customers used, appropriate use at any time, any side effects, etc., to help you understand the item. customers’ goals and behavior from which to rebuild their business strategy more effectively.
  • Designing landing page   is a way for you to raise your customers’ awareness of your business brand and give them a deep impression of the products or services you bring.
  • Landing page   helps you find potential customers. Because they really care about their products, they just provide their information.

The process of designing landing pages in Amba

Get information from customers

We will proceed to retrieve information about the service, the main color tone product, the idea to design a landing page in accordance with customer ideas

Design layout interface

Based on the unified requirements of the sales staff, the design team completes the synchronous site layout pages, consistent with the selected layout and consistent with the brand identity system of business.

Return the client the demo interface layout

Why when the designer room sends the demo panel back to the consultant. A sketch board will be sent to the final review customer to proceed with the programming technician. If the customer agrees, the program will proceed. If the customer does not agree with the demo table, point out the unsatisfactory score so that the two parties can agree on the idea again, the maximum is 1 time correction. & Nbsp;

Programming the necessary module functions for the landing page

Next step, Amba will program the functions of the landing page module in accordance with the criteria and requirements of the customer.

Try testing the functions on the landing page

After programming, we will conduct a landing page test run on the server system to ensure the functions are performed accurately and smoothly, in accordance with the needs of customers for each type landing page.

Enter the complete content according to customer requirements

At this step, we will proceed to update all necessary content on the landing page.

Download the landing page on the server

Amba proceeds to download landing page data on the client’s server. In the case of customers designing a new landing page without hosting and domain names, Amba will help customers choose the right package for their current needs to ensure the page load speed of the landing page.

Instructions on how to use and handover

Next, we will send a consultant to the customer to show the customer how to use the landing page and provide a detailed landing page management guide for the customer and conduct a landing page transfer Perfectly designed.

Typical project design landing page

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