Cheap website design

Quality website design
but the price always is low and new technologies are applied to optimize the website perfectly.



Only from $200

Cheap website design supports for sales and brand promotion becomes easier.

  • We focus on designing creative website templates and providing a good experience to increase traffic to your website and increase sales.
  • The cheap website design must is pretty and make customers want to buy your products.
  • We apply a number of marketing principles to design interactive back and forth with customers.
  • We build the website with new technologies such as: HTML5, Css3, etc., and increasing the user experience (UI / UX). We can create cheap websites but it attracts a lot of interest from your customers.
  • When you choose a design that matches the style and purpose of personal/ businesse in our sample interface, we only take a short time to complete the website from 1 – 3 days.
  • You just require your desire, we will edit and complete them for you.

Advantages of cheap web design

Beautiful design

We have a professional and dynamic design staff to make your website lively, create a sense of pros and eye to create the cravings to buy when customers visit the website.

Multiple profession

Due to young staff with high expertise and responsibility. Having always done a good job, we built many websites for all industries to help users have the best experience.

Saving time

When you choose a design that matches the style and purpose of your individual / business in our sample interface repository, it only takes a very short time to complete the website from 1 – 3 days have web to use.

100+ available themes 

1-3 days as required 

Features of cheap web design

SEO standards

Increase the likelihood of a high position on Google’s search engine and increase the number of visitors and your website.


Thanks to the diverse web design interface to meet the good display of the website on every device.

Diverse languages

By building web with technologies with HTML5, CSS3,…. We can create websites without too much cost.

Increase the experience

Thanks to the utilities mentioned above, it will contribute to increase the user experience that makes your website attract more customers.

Why should you choose Amba’s cheap Web design service?

  • The cost of web design is minimized.
  • Website value offers far beyond expectations for the value you spend with new technologies.
  • Young technical staff with high expertise completes the web design project quickly to help you experience the best way.
  • When registering you will be awarded a 1-year hosting package, domain name support under the name amba (eg
  • Consulting services, maintenance and support after web design.

Cheap design process fast.





Choose domain on Website Amba.






Check the design and complete the website.

Amba Company





Call for advice and verify the design.






Customer care and website administration support.

Cheap web design services at Amba are committed:

  • The cost of cheap web design is always low from $200 for a website to introduce businesses.
  • Very beautiful and luxurious web interface with hundreds of professional website design templates in all areas.
  • Edit your interface style customization of colors, whatever the layout is fine.
  • Back-up data daily to prevent hackers from intruding and harassing, making website safe during operation time in Amba.
  • Modern and professional administration interface, you don’t need to be too knowledgeable about IT and can still use it fluently.
  • Supported domain names and hosting of Amba.
  • Website designed Seo standards easily to top Google.